For your business, the Truck Mounted Masted Forklift will turn your productivity around. Versatility, capacity and capability are as standard on all TMM forklifts, and with a range available, there will be one to suit your requirements for your company.

In order to provide maximum productivity for your company, the Masted Forklift will allow you to transport and transfer your loads to any location and height. The mast is the vertical attachment to the forklift truck, and is able to pick up, tilt, raise and lower your load to the desired height.

Understandably, safety on your worksite is of utmost importance, and so Manitou focus on enforcing safety features on their forklift trucks. Certified cabins, LED rear lights, three wheel breaking and improved traction allow the forklift truck to operate safely, and can reassure you that your workers and products are safe. In the cabin itself, you will find a joystick and wheel for complete driver control and stability, and an easily visible and accessible dashboard.

The TMM range will be an asset to your business, allowing for completely autonomous performance and reliable deliveries of your loads to your clients.

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