The way that industries operate has been revolutionised by the use of various equipment available. This equipment has been manufactured in such a way to meet these requirements, and to solve problems that have arisen. The Mantitou Manitransit boasts the industry exclusive boom technology, which allows for versatility in the workplace. The forward boom provides excellent stability and safety for the operator, as well as being able to offload and load with ease.

The boom allows high and heavy loads to be transported around the workplace, whilst be able to provide a reassurance that the operator is in full control being able to see the whereabouts of the truck and the load clearly. The Manitransit boom also produces low maintenance costs, a positive for any business. The boom protects the mechanisms from the elements, and therefore needs little repair work.

The telescopic boom also eliminates the problems of having to remove and affixing add-ons, minimising time and costs. For the simple ease of use of the Manitransit, this truck mounted forklift is becoming one of the most popular among all industries, and a winner in MEB’s eyes. To see this in action for yourself, contact us and we can arrange a no-obligation demonstration on your site, so you can see how this piece of machinery could change your operations for the better.

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