The transportation of goods, including the loading and unloading of large, heavy, awkward freights has always taken valuable time out of a businesses’ day. Piggyback forklift trucks are able to provide a solution for the lengthy amount of time that it can take to offload your cargo. Waiting for forklift trucks to manoeuvre around the worksite before seeing to your goods can be a tiresome and prolonged method of operations.

The piggyback forklift truck is ready and waiting for your requirements during any transit. Quite literally, the forklift truck is mounted onto the back of the lorry, and can be ready to offload your goods in a matter of minutes. This ease of use allows your company to be versatile and efficient in production, permitting you to promote a successful perception of your business.

MEB Equipment are able to help you to find your most suited piggyback forklift truck. Having access to a range of models, and combining this with 12 years’ experience, you can be sure that you will receive the appropriate model for your needs. As well as providing you with a forklift, MEB will continue their excellent reputation and can help with maintenance and servicing needs, to ensure that your business runs proficiently and professionally, without a hitch.

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