Manitou is the leading provider of machinery for a variety of industries and services, from warehousing equipment to military defence machinery. MEB take great pride in selling Manitou equipment, and have a great understanding of their products and services, being able to find the perfect machinery to suit you.

Manitou is at the forefront of machinery to assist with loading and offloading, ensuring safety in the workplace, as well as saving companies time and money being able to dismount from the back of a lorry within a minute. With Manitou, they understand the importance and relevance of all workplaces being diverse and unique, and therefore provide a range of trucks, thus being able to find the perfect solution for you.

The newest addition to the Manitou range is the Manitransit, which MEB believes to be a supreme truck mounted forklift. The boom provides easy offload, with no need for additional equipment, and also provides minimal maintenance and excellent ease of use.

Truck mounted forklifts have revolutionised the way that goods are loaded and offloaded, and also transported around the work site. Being able to do all of this with one piece of machinery will increase output effectiveness, and make your deliveries and handling effortless.

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